The Fulop apartement house located in front of Split on the Brac island in Sutivan, Croatia. In the building there are four apartments and 19 rooms which are all air conditioned, they all have built-in fridges, separated bathrooms (shower, basin, and toilet).

Some of the rooms with balcony. The appartments consist of 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. The downstairs rooms have terrace, the upstairs ones have balcony.

There is a shared kitchen available for those who are staying in rooms . This kitchen is well equipped (with plates, glasses, cutlery; exhaust fan, air conditioner).

If it is needed, half board service is available in the local restaurants.

The building is 150 metres far from the beach. The city center is approximately 200 metres far.
The island Brac is the third biggest island of the Adria. Its capital is Supetar.

The island is 70 kms long and 45 kms wide. Its inhabitants deal with fishing, sheep husbandry; on the cultivatable areas they grow olive, grape, fig, almond and cherry.

Its pitches are coped with pinewoods, the slopes are adorned with olive-trees and grape plantations. One of the island's curiosities is the 778 metres high Vidova Gora mountain from which the whole archipelago and the open seas are visible.

The Dalmat downtowns are built of white chalk. The famous chalk mines from the ancient times are still working in Brac.

The court of Emperor Diacletianus, the American White House, the Reichstag and the parlaiment of Wien are all made of this special material.

The island has an airport too and by ferry it can be reached along these ways: Split-Supetar or Makarska-Sumartin.
01. (6 beds) 120 € / night
02. (6 beds) 105 € / night
10. (4 beds) 85 € / night
11. (5 beds) 105 € / night
(2,3,4 beds) 18 € / person / night

The published prices include local and resort fee for use of air conditioning.

Children under 8 years get
-50% discount.

(Only children staying in rooms.)

Pre and post-season:
-20% discount!

Main season 3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,8.,9. weeks:
list price +11% special price in main season!

In the first 3 weeks of the pre season, and the last 3 weeks of the post seas: -40% discount!

Buffet breakfast is available in the house:

Breakfast 9 € / person