The restaurants and pubs are located in a small street right next to beach.

You can have a party in the dicsoteque of the city, and there are other possibilties in the "capital" of the island.

The boat trip and the "island tour" can be a nice relaxation as well.

In our resort you can rent small or big scooters, motor dinghies, sups, electric bicycles, bicycles or cars.
If needed our tour guide is available to visit the the "lions of the place", and for bigger groups we organize boat trips also.

Every week Dalmatian buffet dinner buffet at the nearby restaurant.

01. (6 beds) 165 € / night
02. (6 beds) 150 € / night
10. (4 beds) 122 € / night
11. (5 beds) 150 € / night
(2,3,4 beds) 24 € / person / night

The published prices also include the parking, resort and air conditioning fees.

Free for children up to 3 years old.
Children from 3 to 8 years old get
-50% discount.

(Only children staying in rooms.)

Pre and post-season:
-10% discount!

In the first 2 weeks of the pre season, and the last 2 weeks of the post season: -30% discount!

Buffet breakfast is available in the house:

Breakfast 14 € / person